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Andrew Schain

Schain Consulting Group LLC

I started over 35 years ago working on the pre-web Internet writing programs for science and business applications. Over the years I've designed, built and operated networks, managed a data center, lead white-hat simulations, managed large geographically dispersed projects, implemented open systems and provided technology forecasting.


My job has been implementing technologies and approaches that benefit technical cultures. Effeciencies averaged 9 to 1. 


Recently retired from NASA Human Space Flight (HEO) Exploration Systems Division where I lead an amazing team of computer scientists, developers, safety professionals and engineers. We employed a combination of link management strategies that tie together trusted data needed for decisions from dozens of dispersed authoritative sources. Though these data structures spanned architectures, policies and cultures, our customers were provided with innovative viewers that enabled them to see data relationships without disruption to source systems or configuration management. The HEO data integration team is still doing great.


My strategy has been to bring required data within handy reach of those that need it while behind the curtain incrementally build a web of links that securely persist as an integrated service.


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